How it all began

When Ali, James and Michelle – best buddies and local bartenders – found out their favourite Parkdale watering hole was closing down they were gutted! Throwing caution and common sense to the wind, they decided on a drastic plan. They put their hearts and savings on the line and saved their favourite spot! And – with the generous and tireless help of friends, family and a whole lot of Parkdale – they managed to renovate, repaint, stock and build the space in only a matter of days! On September 4th The Grand Trunk opened and three best friends realized their dream; to open a bar in their favourite hood.

Our Philosophy

With a “Local Supporting Local” mandate, The Grand has fast endeared itself to new and former customers alike. Specialties include craft beer, tasty cocktails, great service and delicious and affordable food locally sourced whenever possible. The walls of The Grand will be used as local gallery space for independent artists while a retail space will sell products made in the neighbourhood. There will also be a variety of community events hosted at the bar including clothing swaps, skills trading and jewelry shows.

Our Promise

Ali, James and Michelle are happy to be part of the Parkdale community and can’t wait to see you at The Grand Trunk for drinks, food and good times!
If you are interested in hosting an event, becoming a retail partner or being featured as one of our monthly artists, please visit our contact page.
Help make The Grand Trunk family bigger!
Come on down and see what’s inside The Trunk!

What Others Are Saying!

We were fortunate enough to have the lovely people from blogTO come to our bar! Check out what they had to say 🙂